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How to Avoid Mistakes When Creating Adverts

Adverts are promotional material made to attract customers. They don’t need to be long – only short enough to not disturb a viewer.  

Almost every company has adverts that range across different social media, whether that be YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch; these platforms allow you to advertise for a small fee.  

It is an intricate process to make adverts as you must make them appeal to your target audience. However there are mistakes you can make when creating adverts that even the most professional of creators may make – This article will help you in this manner. 

Make sure your adverts stand out!


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Advert Mistakes 

Basic mistakes basically consist of simple things like: 

  • Spelling mistakes 
  • Frame skips 
  • Voiceover mistakes 
  • Wrong links 

These mistakes are simple to make especially when you are in the passionate moment of creating an ad. They can disrupt how your ad looks to viewers and in most cases if the ad has issues listed above then it may be seen as “sketchy” and lose potential customers. 

Spelling mistakes: These are simple spelling errors that can be easily fixed. Even though spelling mistakes are minor in terms of the bigger picture, it can still decrease your advert’s overall quality.  

Frame skips: This means when your video ad seems to jump without a seamless transition – this can disorient and stand out more to people in a bad way. People always seem to pick up on mistakes like this.  

Voiceover mistakes: This is when your voiceover may not sound motivated or not putting in enough emotion to convey the message you are trying to send. 

Wrong links: This can cause confusion and a huge loss to customers as the link on the ad may lead nowhere which means people may just ignore it completely due to the dead link. 

However, these are easy to rectify. All it takes to fix is to go through your created advert, whether it’s a video or banner, and keep a keen eye out. You can also avoid the mistakes altogether by going slower when creating adverts and not getting too carried away.  

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Marketing Mistakes 

Marketing mistakes are when your marketing may be appealing to the wrong audience, or wrong platform which may for one lose customers or be seen in a negative light depending on what you are advertising.  

  • Wrong platform 
  • Wrong audience 

Advertising to the wrong platform or audience can result in a loss of profit and visitors as you may as well be advertising on a shop window. You would also attract the wrong people to your website especially if the website is more adult-oriented.  

The main marketing mistakes can be easily fixed by doing a deeper analytic approach to your ad creation. First off, seeing who your main audience is for your company can give you the idea of a marketing strategy for that specific audience, then figuring out which platforms, or content creators have the most influence on that kind of audience then finally creating the advert. Never jump into creating the advert first before any previous thought into the analytical side. 

Creating a buyer persona is key to your success as a marketing strategy. The buyer persona is the general conceptualisation of your audience into one profile. Start making one by taking into account the statistics of your general audience and use that to base your adverts from.

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Where to Advertise 

There are many sites you can advertise on around the internet and you can also advertise through content creators themselves if they are willing: 

  • Youtube 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • Twitch 
  • Instagram 
  • Snapchat 
  • Telegram 
  • Websites like IGN 

By advertising your product, you are ultimately pulling more customers in and attracting more visitors. You are also generating attention and interest through word-to-mouth from these visitors which pull more people in.  

Most platforms are very open to advertising and the same with most content creators. There is a fee to pay for advertising so making sure your advert is perfect before releasing it will harness more of the positives. It will also negate any mistakes or do-overs you may have to make. 

Content creators will also be willing to strike a deal to advertise your business. It is recommended to let them have free reign on what to say as forcing a script-read to them can feel forced, and generic. Whereas knowing the creator and making jokes about them, personalising it more can intrigue the audience more.  

If your product or company revolves around gaming, anime, tv show or films, websites like IGN are the best place to advertise. Advertising on article websites that write about those subjects will pull in those types of visitors easily as they would be searching that specific subject anyway, increasing the likelihood of their interest. 

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An intriguing advert is a great way to get more customers!



It can be difficult getting into the world of marketing via adverts, but once you understand the basics and mistakes you could make then each ad you create can only get better. Your understanding of the market can grow, and you will become a marketing champion.  

Hopefully these mistakes above can help you focus more on making your advert as perfect as it can be. 

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