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Reasons Graphics Are Key in Digital Marketing

‘Graphics’ is generally used as the umbrella term for the images, diagrams and other image-based visual media on your site or in your marketing. Making the most of graphics on your website can help draw traffic to your website and optimise your engagement with prospects.

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your brand’s aesthetics recently, here are 4 reasons why you should, right now!

Good-looking visuals entice prospects

“Never judge a book by its cover”. A well-known and well-loved phrase. But ultimately, it’s human nature to judge a product or service’s worth based on its aesthetics- particularly when looking we’re in the mind to buy the product or service. Before we buy a product or service, all we can judge it on is how it is presented to us. In a digital marketplace, that presentation is largely a visual one. 

You want to show your potential customer base the high quality of your brand? You’ve got to have a high-quality looking digital appearance! If your website looks messy, inconsistent, confusing and unattractive, your company will be perceived as messy, inconsistent, confusing and unattractive!  

A high-quality-looking website or social media presence will communicate to potential customers that you are a high-quality brand offering high-quality products or services. It will also demonstrate to visitors that you care about their customer experience. 

Memory aids and brand identification 

Studies show that, 3 days after being shown a piece of information without accompanying images, the average person is likely to only remember 10% of said information. However, if that same information has accompanying image/s, this recall rockets up to 65%. This is known as ‘picture superiority effect’. 

All essential information about your brand and product(s), then, should include accompanying images when published for potential customer consumption. That is, if you want the potential customer to remember that information! 

As well as recalling information, picture-aided memory also helps in brand identification. A potential customer is more likely to remember your brand if your brand has a memorable and relevant logo. Relevancy links to memorability; Apple’s logo would be far less memorable if it wasn’t an apple. A simplistic, brand-relevant logo is essential in the recognition of your brand.  

Even simple visual elements like a consistent colour scheme and typeface throughout your website can aid in building your brand’s memorable visual identity. Facebook, for instance, has such a strong visual identity that the specific shade of blue used in their logo and throughout their site has become synonymous with their brand. 

If you want your brand and products to be remembered, the inclusion of images and other visual elements are essential. 

A Universal language 

Photos, graphics and diagrams are widely understood without the need for text or dialogue. There’s a reason most instructions come in step-by-step picture form; they can be followed by almost anyone! They allow a multilingual audience to engage with information they otherwise might not understand! 

Images can play a vital role in explaining and persuading potential customers to buy your products:  

  • Your product’s use(s) could be demonstrated through a photo or diagram as well as a description.  
  • The size of your product could be shown with a diagram of someone holding the object or standing beside it. 
  • A 360-degree view of your product could be shown with a .gif image or a short video to enable the potential buyer to get a complete idea of its appearance.  

Enhancing your product/service’s textual description with images will aid in a more complete understanding from your potential customers. 

Communicating information 

Similarly, graphics can help communicate information that might otherwise be difficult to grasp.  

You might be looking to publish some statistics about your product or service that demonstrate it to be desirable. Perhaps, for example, you want to show your potential customers the rate at which your service receives positive reviews from your existing customers; displaying this as a statistic, you’ve decided, is the best way to play up this impressive rate. Publishing this statistic on your site in text-only form doesn’t maximise the impact it could have on your potential customer base.  

Enhancing numerical information with graphics will take up more space on a webpage, catching the visitor’s eye more than numbers alone will. Also, for visitors who find mathematics difficult to grasp, using graphical additions will aid in their understanding of your information! 

Information involving numbers (ratios, percentages, statistics of any kind) is far more easily understood when supporting graphics accompany them. Consider the use of charts, graphs and infographics when publishing stats online. 

Our Take-Away

All the good customer reviews, sponsored ads and SEO in the world won’t hold up your brand’s reputation if its aesthetics are lackluster. Image is (almost) everything in the world of digital marketing. Investing in good design can help boost your brand’s perceived quality and draw in more potential customers! Having a consistent, bold theme across all your graphics helps you communicate more information in an efficient and exciting way – if you don’t make the most of visual marketing techniques, your online profile might appear bland and basic! 

All it takes is a little colour and some fresh designs and you can revitalise your online brand! 

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