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Why Long-form Content is Important?

A digital marketing strategy is vital to your company’s success: it provides direction towards the company’s goals, enables a better understanding of the company’s market share and its customers, and eliminates time-wasting through concise planning.  

When got right, this all leads to exponential growth. Just what a company loves to see! 

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The question however arises as a company embarks on strategising their content – how long should their content strategy be?  

Whilst short-form content – content such as social, emails, short blog posts, etc – is great for a quick and easy-to-digest reach of communication towards consumers, it cannot stand alone as the predominant strategy for driving profitable customer action. 

Why? Short-form content doesn’t cover a topic in great length and lacks detail, therefore whilst it’s useful in quickly attracting and informing the consumer on a certain aspect of the company and its products and services, this result is often short-term – meaning that interest and performance tend to decrease over time. 

Here are the reasons why long-form content is vital to your digital marketing strategy! 

What Is Long-form Content? 

Long-form content is usually 2000+ words and is in the format as such as pillar pages, lengthy blog posts, eBooks, guides, etc.  

This type of content covers a topic in intricate detail and aims to inform and educate, rather than to quickly attract and inform on a basic level. 

The key benefits of long-term content are that it forms the backbone of your company’s SEO strategy: 

  • Many search queries require detailed results and content, meaning long-form content ranks better on search engines and ranks for a higher number of keywords. 
  • Acquires significantly more backlinks than short-term content, as shown by this Backlinko study
  • Drives more conversions than short-form content, due to increased consumer intrigue demonstrated by the intent to inform and educate themselves via the longer content. 

Long-form content is one of the most crucial factors for increasing organic traffic to your site and gaining new inbound traffic. 

Floodmaker provides long-form content creation services that can help your company solidify a successful SEO strategy that puts you ahead of the competition. 

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