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Creative Tactics to Make Your Online Shop More Appealing

Online shops are starting to take over the internet; there are many unique websites, and a lot that are less original. This article will help you understand how to stand out within the depths of the net and make your online shop unique to the eye. 

It’s important to make sure that your customers can easily navigate your site and find what they are looking for whilst also making sure they enjoy being on the site. 

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Building an attractive website can be time-consuming but in the end, it will be worth it! 


Making your website more interactive is one of the key aspects of creating easy communication between the customer and the company. It also lets them feel like they are in control rather than being overwhelmed by the content. 

The homepage should show clear promotional material. This can include simple information like slideshows of new content that will draw customers in as they would want to see more.  

There should also be a table of contents for the different categories to allow your visitor to find what they are looking for easier. It also makes it easier for yourself when adding new content. 

Interactivity in terms of feedback, Tweets, or Instagram tags is great. This means being able to make your customers’ opinions appreciated. If they tag you with your product in a tweet or an Instagram picture and you retweet or like it, they will feel valued.  

For example, CoolShirtz, an Australian online shop, has a design that stands out a lot more than numerous other websites out there. It has a specific theme and a childlike quality to it, which makes it unique.  

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Appealing Design 

An appealing design can go a long way when creating your online shop. You don’t want it to look dull, but you don’t want it too overwhelming either. A nice balance works perfectly and can draw in lots of customers.  

Design is considered the foundation of your website as a site can have amazing interaction but without a good design, you won’t get interest. Using unattractive colours can repel customers, whereas attractive colours in a perfect mix and tone can make your site easier on the eyes and drive more sales.  

For example, the Gorillaz online shop uses black, red and white for the background of the images and some text. This makes it easier on your eyes and attracts you further as red is typically a colour of love and power. 

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Other people’s opinions of the site is crucial in the construction process!

Easy to Understand 

An online shop that is easy to access and understand is also crucial, as your customers need to understand where to go to find your products. If it’s difficult to navigate, then they might lose interest, and it can be harder to gain customers.  

It is best for you to view the website yourself or ask someone you know to scroll through it for you. This can give you insight into how your customers feel when approaching your online shop. Catering to first-time visitors is essential. 


Promotions, limited edition content, and competitions can be utilised to make your website stand out. Allowing your customers to complete a challenge to get a coupon or discount code can create more interest.

For example, an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) which requires players to find hidden codes, could allow a small handful of winners to receive prizes whilst drawing attention to your website. Make sure you plan these prizes within your budget, so it doesn’t cause your company to lose money.  

Promotions, daily deals or discount codes for holidays can also create interest. Limited edition items are generally reserved for when you get more attention and visitors. You can advertise these promotions online on different social media platforms.

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These tactics are some of the best ways to make your site more appealing. Whilst there are countless other small ways, these are the key foundations to making it stand out more. A creative mind is important when designing websites to appeal to the customer’s point of view.  

By using a unique theme and design, you are likely to attract more customers than if you created a run-of-the-mill website.

If you need any further help with anything promoting your business online, feel free to contact us here at Floodmaker today. 

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