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HubSpot Management

HubSpot is an integral tool for many modern businesses.

HubSpot can be used to help manage and build customer relationships using specially-targeted strategies. Our HubSpot experts can help you utilise HubSpot's tools to generate bigger and better leads, run effective campaigns and they'll also provide you with a strategy for success so you hit your targets.

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HubSpot is an integral tool for many modern businesses.

Floodmaker's HubSpot Management Services

Marketing Automation

We use marketing automation to make repetitive tasks easier and help attract more customers to your website using HubSpot CMS and SEO and converting them into leads with landing pages and other management tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM is the central resource that your team can benefit from. We use it to deliver a personalised experience for your potential customers moving through their buyers journey and improving customer retention rates.

Closed Loop Marketing

We learn and use quality reporting to help you find out the best way customers convert and see campaign and targeting options to help you determine the best way to attract and retain leads.

User Analytics

We use in-depth performance data to measure the success of your campaigns and monitor sales activity through reports and dashboards to help you make smarter and well informed marketing decisions.

How does our HubSpot management service work?

HubSpot Sales Management

Having the right sales tools is essential to success so you want a team that can help you properly manage your sales automation. Our team can help in automating tasks such as sequences, email templates, and workflows amongst others.

Implementation and Setup

Work with a dedicated HubSpot team to help you implement HubSpot in line with your business needs so you can hit the ground running.

Marketing Management

Our team of experts can help you in setting up your marketing strategy and automation so you’re able to attract the right leads to your website.

HubSpot Services

Customers need support on an ongoing basis and the HubSpot service hub is the best way to do that. With our expertise and HubSpot’s tools, we will help you deliver excellent customer service and support.

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