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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising Management Services

Our experts can help you attract the right customers to your website or landing page using Paid Advertising. Paid Advertising can refer to paid search ads, banner ads, retargeting, or paid ads on various social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more).

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Paid Advertising Management Services

Benefits of using Floodmaker

Analyse the Competition

Give your ad campaigns the advantage they need by keeping an eye on your competitors and how their services compare.

Report and Analyse

We create detailed reports so you can stay on top of your ROI. We utilise powerful data tracking tools and translate the most important insights.

Create Captivating Ads

What you say to your visitors matters. Our content experts, work with you to enhance your ads and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Identify Key Search Words

We start by researching which specific services your customers are looking for and the exact words they're using in their searches.

How does our managed Paid Advertising service work?

Dedicated marketing specialist

Floodmaker’s marketing experts offer unparalleled experience when it comes to optimising Paid advertising. Their knowledge, experience and dedication to Paid campaigns will drive your lead generation further and faster.

In-depth keyword research

Our marketing experts research high-value keywords for each of your products and pages using industry leading tools and our own expertise. The main drivers behind the choice of these keywords include their search volume, competition, and cost-per-click (CPC). These keywords will help to direct traffic to your website. So, by optimising your use of keywords, our experts can help drive traffic your way.

Competitor Analysis

We research your competitors regularly and using the information gathered, establish new ways to enhance your existing Paid Advertising campaign and advertise your business. Through this analysis we can make sure relevant and effective keywords are used – resulting in more traffic for you.

Monthly reporting

At Floodmaker we take a data driven approach to our ad management services. We will provide you with a monthly report to monitor performance of your ad campaign. We are constantly monitoring & evaluating your ads to make sure you’re heading towards your goals, and making adjustments along the way to increase the click-through-rates & overall success of your campaigns.

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