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Google Ads Agency

High-performing Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads Campaigns help you get noticed online and bring more visitors to your website. At Floodmaker, we're pros at creating and running these campaigns to get great outcomes. Our skilled team uses smart data-driven plans to make your business goals a reality.

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High-performing Google Ads Campaign

Benefits of using Floodmaker

Get faster results

Our dedicated team will quickly drive more traffic to your website, using Google Ads. The webpage you’re targeting will be at the top of your intended audience’s search results as soon as we launch your campaign.

Reach the right audience

We will customize your target audience by location, keywords, language, interests, and more. You can even target people who have already expressed interest in your product based on their search history or visited particular pages on your website.

Control your campaign budget

Floodmaker provides detailed analytics on your ad campaigns, including clicks, impressions, traffic generated, conversions, and more. This way, we can easily see which campaigns are working best, or stop the ones that aren’t producing desired results.

Outperform your competitors’ ads

Our experts monitor your competitors' actions and keyword bidding strategies, allowing us to analyze their approaches and make adjustments to our own strategy accordingly, in order to outperform them.

What does our Google Ads Agency offer?

Passionate marketing specialists

Floodmaker’s marketing experts bring unmatched expertise to optimizing Google Ads. Their knowledge, experience, and dedication to Google Ads will enhance your lead generation, taking it further and faster.

Keyword Research

Our marketing experts research keywords for each of your products and pages using industry leading tools. The main drivers behind the choice of these keywords include their search volume, competition, and cost-per-click (CPC). These keywords will help to direct traffic to your website.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Offline Conversion Tracking helps you understand how your online marketing efforts drive real-world actions. We track in-store purchases, phone calls, and event participation stemming from your online campaigns. Gain valuable insights to optimize your digital strategies and improve your ROI.

Bidding Strategy Variety

Our experts use industry tools and knowledge to create custom bidding strategies based on your goals. Whether you want clicks, impressions, or conversions, our strategies help optimize your campaigns.

Sales Level Tracking

Floodmaker monitors and analyzes your sales performance over time, and gives valuable insights into the fluctuations, trends, and patterns in your sales figures. Sales Level Tracking empowers you with the data needed to enhance your sales processes, meet targets, and drive business growth.

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