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5 Simple Tips For An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re looking for content marketing techniques for small businesses or if you’re a seasoned blogger, this actionable advice can help your brand refresh your content marketing strategy! 

Not only can effective content greatly improve search engine optimization and ranking, but it’s a great way to convert leads and attract new customers online! 

Your web copy and online content have a great influence on your brand, and poorly written content can be an instant turnoff. 

Read on to learn more about our top five content marketing techniques! 

1. Get to know your audience 

It may sound obvious, but you should start by defining your online audience and matching their search intent.  

Content marketing needs more than just the demographics it targets. Creating a content buyer persona is the perfect place to start. This helps to clearly define who to turn market towards and why. 

Knowing your audience can help you create better, more tailored content that suits their needs!

Audiences play a large role in how information is presented, from the research of a topic to the final product. From the outset, you need to choose a topic your prospects want to know about. Your copy and your content must then be tailored with this audience in mind; not just who they are but what they’re looking for.  

Keep in mind that your business may have multiple buyer personas, targeting the various potential customers and businesses that you want to be aware of your brand. Your brand should present a solution to your audience’s problems.  

When you gain a solid understanding of your audience, you can more effectively tailor your content marketing strategy to suit their needs. 

2. Acknowledge your buyers’ journey 

Great content marketers understand that their strategy must delight and attract readers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Whilst your content first needs to attract new visitors to your business, it should also retain existing customers, convince potential prospects to buy, and encourage long-term brand loyalty.  

For example, some customers may hesitate to buy a product because they feel they lack necessary knowledge of what the product looks like and how it should be used. Creating a video campaign to demonstrate more dynamic aspects of the product can help alleviate this specific concern and support your sales team in the process. 

Knowing your prospect’s needs can make you more effective with the content you produce – timing it right might increase your chance of converting a prospect into a lead, or even a customer! 

3. Publish consistently good blogs 

With so much content produced, competition in today’s so-called “attention economy” has never been so fierce. 

Therefore, it is vital that you strive to publish the best possible content, otherwise you can’t expect success! 

One great weekly post is better than five mediocre ones.  

Not only must you set the quality standard extremely high, but you must also continue to meet (or exceed) that standard.  

This can be a challenge even for the most experienced content production team, but it is crucial to stand out from the growing crowd and craft your own voice. 

You have to accept that producing great content takes time, energy, and money – but this is almost always reflected in your return on investment! 

4. Make relevant connections back to your brand 

Although it is important not to promote too much, you should look for opportunities to mention your products or services in relevant places. Even if it’s just a link to another page at the bottom of the blog post.

Make the most of your social media and your website to highlight your branding.

Allowing prospects to visit your website beyond the first thing they see is key to engaging and retaining their attention. This also helps to show the customers that your business can help them with their problem and create a solution for them! 

5. Repurpose existing content 

Repurposing content such as conversations, interviews, sound bites, and visual assets is extremely useful. 

Once the direction of a story or blog is established, look for existing sources based on the theme to support the story and provide clear, concise points. 

You can also reuse photos, but it is important that they are always up-to-date and not used frequently or recently.  

Consider adding a new design to your photo structure or using a short copy and quote background taken from your video content.  

This increases brand awareness, which leads to greater engagement with content that has had a lot of time and effort invested into its creation. 

A final note 

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