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How Content Production can Transform your Business

Content production is essentially the beating heart of the inbound marketing methodology. There’s a reason the phrase ‘content is king’ exists! By producing meaningful and valuable content that strikes a chord with your potential audience, you can demonstrate your worth to your customer as a reputable source within your market.

According to an SEMrush study, as of 2019, 77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy. That figure is undoubtedly rising. Given the growth of social media channels relating to business, it’s imperative that a business employs some kind of content marketing strategy.

What is Content Production?

Content production sounds fairly self-explanatory. In reality, it is! But knowing how to utilise it is a completely different obstacle to tackle. Content production involves utilising creative channels – like blog posts, video media and emails – to produce written and visual media.

The importance of content production is often found in constructing a voice – developing a way of communicating with your customers. Your voice represents your brand – the more refined and tailored content delivered to your target audience, the more valuable your brand becomes.

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Standing out from the crowd is much more difficult in the modern day – for every other unique product, there are ten other companies selling it. Content production is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and give your brand a strong presence. Customers want to buy products from companies they can trust. By producing content, your company is demonstrating to its audience – particularly with blog posts and video content – that you have a voice in the market, you know what you’re talking about and that you can solve the issue that ails them.

This is how content production becomes so vitally important to the inbound marketing methodology. Inbound marketing relies on proving to your customers that you are a brand they can trust to solve their issues. In this process, the customer has to find you. By creating meaningful content and establishing an online presence, your business is much more likely to be found by these potential buyers.

What does Content Production Involve?

  • Blogs – Blogs are an opportunity for your company or brand to demonstrate its technical knowledge of the market in which your business operates. Let’s say you run an online accounting business; by producing informative content on the accounting world, such as explaining how to file tax returns or claim expenses, you demonstrate to potential buyers your expert knowledge of the industry.

  • Video Content – Video content is slightly harder to produce than blogs but are an incredibly efficient media for the delivery of information. They can be interactive, short and also help develop a voice and look for your brand.

  • Social Media Content – Every brand should have a social media presence. It’s a free, simple way of engaging directly with customers and personifying your business. Social media is also a contact point for your potential customers – it’s an easy way for them to contact you as ell as being a medium for content production.

  • Email Content – Inbound marketing focuses on allowing customers to find you when they’re looking for answers. That way, you know that those who engage with your content are interested in your product or service. By creating content that encourages potential buyers to engage, you can create meaningful relationships with those prospects. Once you have achieved this, a call-to-action button on your site could encourage customers to sign up through email to receive news about your products and services. Alongside this, providing your potential buyers with useful and informative resources through email may encourage conversion of these prospects into customers.

To Conclude

Content comes in many forms and producing it can be a time-consuming task. The benefits of focusing energy on a comprehensive content marketing strategy, utilising the inbound methodology, could be vital to your business.

Content can help build bridges with prospects and solidify links with current customers. The goal here is to build a loyal customer base that turn into promoters of your brand and service – by producing meaningful and valuable content you can give a unique voice to your company.

If you feel like you could benefit from outsourcing your Content Production, take a look at the service we offer or check out our other guides on marketing your business!

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