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How to Enhance Your Google Reviews: 11 Proven Methods

Your business greatly benefits from reviews, as they can significantly sway customer decisions through both positive and negative feedback. While positive reviews might be sponsored or fake, companies never endorse negative ones. However, publicly addressing negative reviews showcases your commitment to customer service. Such complaints also serve as a potent balance, enhancing the credibility of positive reviews. Success in this area hinges on actually receiving reviews. So, how can you boost your Google reviews?

How can you get more Google reviews?

1. Ensure Users Can Leave Reviews

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To attract more 5-star Google reviews, the initial step is ensuring you’ve set up a Google My Business (GMB) page. This might seem straightforward, however, many small businesses overlook the need to actively register and complete their GMB page details. After this foundation has been laid, once you’ve established, detailed, and verified this page, it can start accumulating reviews. For older businesses transitioning from Google Places, this process marks a smooth transition to a detailed GMB profile. Subsequently, consider engaging a professional online reputation management company like Rize Reviews to scale up your Google reviews efficiently.

2. Simply Ask


Asking directly often proves to be the simplest method to garner more reviews. Interestingly, customers might be content with their purchase and never think to leave feedback. This is particularly evident for product purchases, though some sectors, like hospitality and restaurants, naturally collect more reviews. Therefore, use social media or newsletter sign-ups as channels to request honest reviews from your customers, acknowledging the fact that even average reviews are better than none.

3. Simplify the Review Process

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Link directly to the review form to maximize review collection. To simplify the process, avoid making users navigate through multiple pages to find where they can leave a review; reduce the number of clicks needed to reach the review page. Furthermore, consider every additional step as a potential failure point where you might lose prospective reviews.

4. Refrain from Purchasing or Faking Reviews

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Experienced internet users can easily distinguish genuine reviews from fake ones. Consequently, purchasing positive reviews or attempting to delete negative ones signals distrust. Moreover, fake reviews not only mislead but also risk being removed, along with any credibility they might have lent, once discovered.

5. Seek Reviews on Other Platforms

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While GMB is essential, expanding your strategy by diversifying the platforms on which you receive reviews can enhance credibility. To this end, encourage customers to leave reviews on various popular sites, allowing them to choose their preferred platform. As a result, this broadens your review base and authenticity.

6. Address Negative Reviews

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Promptly and personally, inevitably, you’ll face negative feedback. Therefore, actively monitor your reviews and address any low-star ratings immediately, offering to resolve issues through your customer service. This transparent approach can convert negative experiences into positive outcomes.

7. Utilize QR Codes for Easy Access to Review Pages

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With the widespread use of mobile devices, QR codes offer a direct link to your review page, subtly encouraging users to leave their feedback after scanning.

8. Promote Public Testimonials

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When you receive unsolicited positive feedback, encourage the reviewer to share their thoughts on GMB or other review sites, transforming private praise into public testimonials.

9. Incorporate a CTA in Your Newsletter


Use your newsletter’s footer to invite readers to review your business on GMB, tapping into an audience already interested in your offerings.

10. Exchange Reviews with Business Partners

business partners

Reviewing your business partners can sometimes lead to reciprocal reviews, fostering a supportive network and boosting your review count.

11. Deliver Exceptional Service

customer service

Ultimately, the quality of your service or product is fundamental to earning positive reviews. Ensuring customer satisfaction lays the groundwork for organic, positive feedback, complemented by the strategies mentioned above to encourage even more reviews.

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